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We invite you to join us on this pioneering journey as we reshape the future of payments. Together, we can create a world where payment systems are accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone, regardless of their location or financial standing. With Neatio, you can be part of a global community that embraces the potential of blockchain technology and experiences the benefits of decentralized finance. Let us reimagine the way we transact, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide to thrive in a digital era.
Here you will be a part of a highly skilled and collaborative team. Be it engineering, community, or marketing, we never run out of exciting challenges. If you’re looking forward to working in an emerging blockchain project, alongside some of the best talent in each field, Neatio is the place for you! For us, every decision is centered around user privacy and security. Do you believe top-tier privacy should be a first-class citizen? Then come join us and help redefine privacy!
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Neatio Vision

With Neatio, users can expect lightning-fast transaction speeds, eliminating the frustrating delays that have long been associated with traditional payment systems. Our platform ensures that transactions are processed swiftly, enabling seamless and timely transfers of value.
Our mission at Neatio is to revolutionize traditional payments. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, we offer lightning-fast transactions, enhanced security, heightened privacy, and significant cost savings. Join us in reshaping the future of payments, making it accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone. Together, let's unlock the transformative power of decentralization.
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Neatio team can be contacted either directly by email or alternatively through our social media channels. To get the fastest response we recommend to reach us on our Discord server where the developers, validators or our dedicated community members are always online.
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