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Neatio team consists of a group of software engineers and designers which are passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general, with a strong belief in the freedom and privacy of each individual. Our team is a perfect blend of core developers and UX/UI designers. Find out more about Neatio project by reading the Whitepaper.
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Neatio Vision

With Neatio, users can expect lightning-fast transaction speeds, eliminating the frustrating delays that have long been associated with traditional payment systems. Our platform ensures that transactions are processed swiftly, enabling seamless and timely transfers of value.
Our mission at Neatio is to revolutionize traditional payments. By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, we offer lightning-fast transactions, enhanced security, heightened privacy, and significant cost savings. Join us in reshaping the future of payments, making it accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone. Together, let's unlock the transformative power of decentralization.
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There is no shortage of interesting challenges to work on at Neatio. Being at the bleeding edge of technology in Web 3 and payments, we are defining the tools the developers of future will use. If you are interested in what we are building, checkout our existing openings, if there isn’t an open role for you, but you are great at what you do, we’d still love to talk.
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Neatio team can be contacted either directly by email or alternatively through our social media channels. To get the fastest response we recommend to reach us on our Discord server where the developers, validators or our dedicated community members are always online.
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